WATCH: Was Ratt Singer Drunk On Stage at the Paramount Wednesday? 

Posted: 12:48 pm Friday, September 28th, 2018

By Donna Donna

UPDATE: Stephen Pearcy issued the following statement yesterday:

Ratt Post Edit

Fan video of Ratt’s show Wednesday 9/26 at The Paramount has gone viral because singer Stephen Pearcy appears to be quite drunk! Sitting on the drum riser during parts of the show Pearcy seems to be losing his balance and about to fall over. At one point it looks like he’s grasping onto the drums to help him stay upright!

The tweet below shows Ratt bassist Juan Croucier trying to explain that Pearcy’s problem is pain from an injury.

More fans posted video (see below) and expressed disappointment in the band’s performance. Whether it was drink, drug, or pain let’s hope Pearcy gets the help he so obviously needs.