SEE Ryan Reynolds Channel Burt Reynolds’ Nude Centerfold in Tribute 

Posted: 1:10 pm Monday, September 10th, 2018

By Donna Donna

At of the height of the feminist movement in the 70s women were tired of being objectified by nudie magazines like Playboy and Penthouse and in their demand for equal treatment Cosmopolitan magazine asked sexy superstar Burt Reynolds to pose naked for the womens’ magazine’s centerfold AND IT WAS A SENSATION!!!

Over 40 years later, actor and professional wise ass Ryan Reynolds (no relation to Burt), channelled Burt’s spirit and pose for the original Deadpool movie promo. Now in the wake of Burt Reynolds’ death last week Ryan Reynolds tweeted the two photos together with the poignant caption “He did it first. And best. And naked.”