Hero Suffolk Cop Jumps Into Runaway Crane Cab on LIE to End Rush Hour Mayhem! 

Posted: 12:55 pm Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

By Donna Donna

We all know drinking and driving don’t mix but drinking and driving heavy construction equipment on the Long Island Expressway in rush hour is a recipe for disaster!

Brian Sinclair, 47, of Riverhead, was driving a construction crane around 6pm last night on the LIE when cops noticed him driving erratically. The police gave chase and eventually surrounded him, but Sinclair refused to stop. When Sinclair finally slowed down Suffolk County Highway Patrolman Joseph Goss managed to jump into the crane’s cab and ordered him to stop, but not before Sinclair left a 9 mile path of destruction hitting four cars and entirely obliterating one of the vehicles. The drivers of the struck vehicles and the hero cop sustained minor injuries, but it was a miracle no one was killed! According to Suffolk County police, Sinclair was arrested by exit 63 on the LIE.