WATCH: Get Close to U2 at the Nassau Coliseum Tonight with AR (Augmented Reality)! 

Posted: 2:13 pm Saturday, June 9th, 2018

By Donna Donna

U2 has always utilized cutting edge technology in their live shows so the addition of AR (augmented reality) to their Experience and Innocence Tour won’t come as a surprise to fans.

AR is a technology that displays digital images on top of real-life objects when viewed through a smartphone.

‘Augment Your Reality.’ Download the U2 AR eXPERIENCE app before reaching the venue and trigger special content at the beginning of the show.
Download for iOS or Android. (Experience the app on the iPhone 6 and above, running iOS 10+, or Samsung S6 and above, running Android 7+. And charge up your battery.)

Bono told CNN, “[What we’re] using goes back to the very early stages of U2 when we would stage dive to break the fourth wall, trying to reach our audience and touch them.”

He added, “When you get to play theaters and arenas, the back [gets] further and further away…We had to find different ways to get to the back; hence these satellite stages … and video reinforcement as video art. We’re trying to wrestle with our audience in a very physical way.”

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