WATCH: Caught on Video Pit Bull Attacks Woman on NYC Subway! 

Posted: 12:14 pm Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

By Donna Donna


An argument over a dog and a seat on the subway escalated until the dog bit the foot of a woman and wouldn’t let go.

It happened on Friday on a crowded No. 4 train in New York City, WNBC reported.

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Eyewitnesses say a man brought the dog onto the train and had his animal sit in a seat, WABC reported. The dog bumped into the woman, who was not happy that an animal was sitting in the seats. Eyewitnesses say she asked the man to move his dog, but the man refused. Witnesses said she shoved the dog from the seats, and the owner had the dog jump back up. She shoved the dog again before witnesses said the man punched her. The two started fighting. Then, witnesses said, the dog bit the woman’s foot, WABC reported.

People on the train screamed at the pair, “Get the dog off her,” but the dog would not let go until fellow passengers were finally able to removed her shoe, WNBC reported.

The man and the dog left the train at Wall Street. Police are searching for the man because it’s illegal to bring an animal on the subway unless it’s in a carrier.

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Photo of a Pit Bull by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images