WATCH: RIP Long Island Funny Man and Kid Show Host Chuck McCann 

Posted: 1:39 pm Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

By Donna Donna

 “Let’s Have Fun”

If you were a kid on Long Island in the 60’s and 70’s you no doubt remember watching chubby funny man Chuck McCann on Sunday mornings on WPIX, channel 11 with his hilarious kids shows ‘Let’s Have Fun’ and ‘The Chuck McCann Show’. Chuck was a riot and his shows were like SNL for New York’s ankle-biters.

McCann branched out to films in 1968 and played an acclaimed role as a deaf mute in the Academy Award winning movie ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’. McCann relocated to Los Angeles in the mid 70’s where he enjoyed a prolific career as a voice over artist.

After a lifetime of providing laughs for kids of all ages, Chuck McCann died Sunday in Los Angeles. He was 83. Rest in peace funny man.

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