How Your Voice Can Win You Bon Jovi Tix! 

Posted: 11:33 am Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

By Donna Donna


Bon Jovi brings their ‘This House is Not For Sale’ tour to our area this spring and I’m giving away tickets every day this week on ‘Appetite for the 80s Lunch’ at noon!

Here’s how to win: Use the open mic on your WBAB app to record an ‘Appetite for the 80’s Lunch’ request. You can request any song or any band that was big in the 80s. Each day we’ll pick one Open Mic request at random to win a pair of tickets to the Madison Square Garden show on May 9th.

It’s impossible to play every Open Mic request, but ALL OF THEM will be in the running to win these tickets. just don’t forget to include your phone number with your request. You can enter your number in the ‘notify me’ field on the app (it will pop up after you’ve recorded your request), or just say your number at the end of your request. NO PHONE NUMBERS WILL BE BROADCAST ON THE AIR.

Get all the Bon Jovi ticket info HERE