WATCH: Late Night Comics Rip Matt Lauer a New One! 

Posted: 12:39 pm Thursday, November 30th, 2017

By Donna Donna

Matt Lauer’s ‘Today Show’ co-hosts spoke of his firing in hushed and reverent tones yesterday morning, but last night the late night comedians wasted no time roasting the disgraced newsman. Watch Stephen Colbert above and Jimmy Fallon below.

On the Daily Show Trevor Noah said:

“He had a button under his desk, so he could lock the door without getting up. Like seriously people, you know you’ve reached a new level of perviness when you have to call a contractor in.”

“So, like, how many news people is this now? There was Bill O’Reilly, Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin — soon they will have enough guys to start their own Perv News Network.”