WATCH: Stunned Bystanders Scramble to Save 2 Buried in NYC Scaffold Collapse! 

Posted: 1:08 pm Monday, November 20th, 2017

By Donna Donna

Yesterday’s high winds caused a shed propping up scaffolding in SoHo to collapse burying 2 and injuring 5. In a heartwarming display of selflessness pedestrians nearby snapped into action to save those buried under the debris.

Vendor Jonathan Mejia joined the crowd to help and told the New York Post that when they uncovered a woman, “I saw that her head was cracked open and her leg was folded, almost out of place. She looked at us and said, ‘What happened?’”

The collapse happened yesterday (Sunday 11/19) at 11:30am. ABC News reports five people suffered moderate to minor injuries and were taken to Bellevue Medical Center.