5 Things You Can Do To Help Las Vegas Shooting Victims Right Now

5 Things You Can Do To Help Las Vegas Shooting Victims Right Now 

Posted: 9:57 am Monday, October 2nd, 2017

By Staff

1) Donate Blood

In cases of emergency the highest demand in the medical field is blood for victims in need. Click the link above to find out if you are eligible to donate, and how your blood type can help a family in need.


2) Donate To The Red Cross

The Red Cross is first on the scene at tragedies like Las Vegas. Continuing to support organizations like the Red Cross can help get valuable supplies, counseling and medical treatment to those in need throughout Las Vegas.

3) Call For Change

As with any societal issues, we can always stand up for those who cannot. Contact your senators, representatives and more to ask for help for the people of Las Vegas, or find out what your city and states are doing to help.

Here’s how you can contact your senators and Congresspeople:


4) Donate To The Volunteers In Medicine Of Southern Nevada 

Organizations like VMSN have delivered over $5 Million in FREE health-care services to over 2,700 low-income, uninsured residents of Southern Nevada last year. Donating to services like these can truly help those in need after last night’s Tragedy.

5) Search GoFundMe And Other Donation Sites For Giving To Victims

Send your support and love to friends and families in Las Vegas that suffered on the night of October 1st at Mandalay Bay Casino by looking for ways to donate to those families directly.