Posted: 1:23 pm Friday, February 24th, 2017

Watch these Tigers Chase and Destroy a Drone Only to Get a Big Surprise in the End 

By Donna Donna


Photo credit: Lintao Zhang

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reports that the tiger habitat seen in the video is actually a farm with a long history of animal rights abuses have surfaced since the video went viral. A 2014 investigative report by McClatchy outlines the allegations of abuse.

Read the original report below.

Siberian tigers in northeast China were seen chasing a drone in their snowy habitat.

Handlers used the drone to give the tigers, which CCTV described earlier this month as “chubby,” some much-needed exercise.

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As the tigers romped around, one tiger managed to knock the drone to the ground, where it proceeded to claw and chew on the device. The other tigers moved closer, curious to explore the drone.

The drone began to smoke, which caused the tigers to move back. Handlers came to retrieve the mangled machine.