Lady Gaga to Become Permanent Member of Metallica?

Lady Gaga to Become Permanent Member of Metallica? 

Posted: 11:44 am Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

By Donna Donna

It’s a damn shame that technical difficulties marred Metallica’s duet with Lady Gaga Sunday night at the Grammys, because before the show the band talked about how much they loved working with her! WATCH the video above to see Lars tell ‘Access Hollywood’, “we were talking earlier about maybe making her a permanent member of METALLICA and being a five-piece from now on, so we’ll see.” WATCH the video below to see  Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo sing her praises as well.

With a thriving career of her own, it’s hard to imagine Gaga would want to join the band full time, but stranger things have happened. I’m pretty sure no one would have predicted that Metallica would make an album with Lou Reed either.

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