WATCH: Joan Jett Cover the Mary Tyler Moore Show Theme!

WATCH: Joan Jett Cover the Mary Tyler Moore Show Theme! 

Posted: 5:09 pm Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

By Donna Donna

Punk rock loves Mary Tyler Moore. Joan Jett recorded ‘Love is All Around (The Mary Tyler Moore Show Theme) in 1996 and continues to perform it in her live shows to this date.

Joan told ‘The Morning Call’, “I always loved that show! In a way, without hitting anybody over the head, the theme song and the program had a very interesting message — a woman in her 30s who’s following her career, concerned about love and stuff, but not obsessed with getting married or having kids. It was a strong statement.”

Fans will remember that the show was set in Minneapolis and Twin Cities punk rock legends Husker Du not only covered the MTM theme but filmed a video for it replacing themselves in location shots from the opening credits. Check out the video below along with Jett’s original recording and clips from ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’.

Rest in peace, Mary. Thanks for all the laughs. You made it after all.